I must to say I achieve a lot during the housing alternatives project. As an architecture student before, I did a residential design when I was in undergraduate. But there are some difference between architecture and urban design. As an architect, you will more focus on the function and layout of interior spaces, as well as the structure, material and façade of the houses. But as an urban designer, you should consider the financial model and social aspects for the whole estate. Because of different countries and culture, the strategies for the project would be totally different.

Working as a group is another important experience to me. I have two partners: Can and Laurence, and we are from different background (Can is fine art student and Laurence is geography student). On one hand, none of us study planning before; on the other hand, we might have some new perspectives for this project. Even though sometimes we have different opinions, we can always combine an appropriate idea in the end. I think the most important point for the group work is stimulating everyone’s advantages for the projects. Laurence is good at the social aspects and oral expression; Can has good skills for software and 3D vision; for me, I am more confident with analysis and calculating. During this project, we have an good understanding of residential design and development processes currently operating in the UK. In addition, we also have the further cognition of alternative forms of housing just like cohousing. Thanks to my partners and I think we try our best!

For semester 2, it is really a big challenge for me. I am never processing two projects at the same time before. Every day is busy and I had some health problem during this time. Hopefully, I finish the entire task and will have some time to recover.

Now I can’t wait to take part in some real practices and examine some ideas after I go back to my country. It is really important to me to design some good quality of spaces for the users.