I really agree with YIXI‘s view that public space in neighbourhood is helpful to create a sense of community. Different types of pubic space in the neighbourhood play a different public role in the neighbourhood because different activities happen and lead a different feeling of places. Café and small shops in the neighbourhood give people a place to eating together and there residents could meet others from the whole community. It is a place that you could got a hot drink and communicate with friends in warm after cold outdoor activities. Communal garden in the centre of a living block is the space for children and adults to play, communicate and have a party together. It is over looked by all residents living nearby and much safer than playing at sidewalk of community without these kind of semi-public space. Also street corner playground also active space for children. In Stainths, these kind of space is located at middle of two living blocks, pedestrian friendly and protected by trees or shrubs from vehicle lanes. It is the place for children to play together. And they could be over looked by adults living nearby. Various activities happen in different types of neighbourhood public space and all these make a neighbourhood become vitality.