I really agree with lee’s view that landscape is a variety of functions “carrier”. Landscape is a very important link between urban and nature, and landscape make city more ecological and human being live close to nature. As urban designers, it is necessary to consider landscape urbanism when they do urban design projects. Landscape urbanism is not only about landscape design, but also consider the earth as an organic whole. Each item like building or park is an element of an entirety. When designers do project with landscape urbanism, they should consider problems on different scales to make it integrate well its environment and more organic and active. For example, in the case of De Kunsthal Rotterdam’s ramp, architect considered his design in different scales. At the urban scale, the ramp serves as a main entrance of the Museum Park from city. At the architecture scale, the ramp through the building, link with the museum’s ticket booth, café, gallery, display window and souvenir shop, also building’s entry and roof garden. At landscape scale, the ramp is one of five movement elements organization of the museum park. All these critical design thoughts make the ramp integrate well with the site and feels like it belongs there.