The sustainable drainage system is defined in recent years to manage surface water with techniques in urban area. Considering the risk of flood and water pollution threatening urban area, the SUD system is very popular in recent years’ projects like the cases in Lu’s post.


There are national standards for sustainable drainage system in UK. That suggests people to think about that SUDS and what they could do during a project. It should be considered at the beginning stage of the project, and the SUDS system is not only as a green infrastructure but also could have other functions like park or educational space for children. Also rainwater should be managed as possible as nearby.


There are some common techniques of sustainable drainage system including green roof, permeable surface, filter strips and drains, pond and wetland. It manages water from falling down, flowing on the ground to the rainwater gathering space. The system could reduce flow velocity and pollution during the process by special plants and materials. This system also serve as a landscape element for a project. People could enjoy the atmosphere when they walking or cycling along filter strips and wetland. It also make a contribution to ecological system and wild life nearby.