After reading your blog, I have to say that, I really like the way you present Green Line`s instead of Nantes map. As well as the picture you attached is so cool! Actually, as another member of this study trip, I also fully feel the charm of this ‘European Green Capital’. I remember we spent all day to visit those tourist attractions and got lots of background supplements for our assessment. Do you remember we got a “17 miles recording” that day?

Personally, the deepest impression during the period in Nantes is the pedestrian-friendly transport system and the ‘pedestrian priority’ thought rooted in the subconsciousness of every driver. For instance, almost all of vehicles will stop to let us go first when we cross the road. Even the tram, which I can`t believe it can stop for pedestrians as well (of course this kind of situation dosen`t happen frequently because people there also abide by the traffic rules properly). They do this just as they should, which is quite different from other cities I have been to.

Furthermore, I also love the cycle-encouraging form in Nantes. People can rent bicycle easily through the leasing system in every certain distance along the road. Well, at this point, I have to say it`s a pity that we couldn`t cycle around this beautiful city because of blustery day. While it didn’t affect what I learned from Nantes. I love this fantastic city, the castle Château des Ducs de Bretagne, the plant park Jardin des, the museum Jules Verne, the industrial regeneration island Île de Nantes, the small fishing village Trentemoult, etc. It`s really worth a visit.

Here also some photos captured by me which I want to share with you.