I love Nantes, too! It is a very eco-friendly city and the industrial regeneration in Nantes is amazing. When talking about the green line, I am very surprise that it is an good idea to show tourists who do not know the city very well and it can very easy to help them to visit the city. Although the sustainable living way in Nantes may similar with other cities in Europe, the lines of traffic are well organize in Nantes that you can use the public transport to go to everywhere in the city.

Also, I want to point out that the landscape in Nantes all have different character that make the city green and beautiful. In the botanic garden, there are different kinds of vegetation and also use for children’s education. When you go to city square, there are a lot of trees to well define the playing part and the go through part.

I think Nantes is worth to visit. Especially there is an island with industrial regeneration idea make it become green and fantastic.  And I learnt a lot in Nantes, too.