I also think that the Staiths is a good case that very helpful for our housing project. When we visit the Staiths, it feel that each block have different characters. Each block has its own central garden that provide a semi-public space for residents to use. It is a lot different with other housing scheme.


On the other hand, the description about different hard landscape give me a lot of inspiration.  The designer using different hard ground to define children’s play area and normal social activities part. I think that the children’s play area may be a concern point in my design in the future, because it is a requirement that meet people’s need. They want their children have a good and safe playing area. In the Staiths, those playing area located in the street without cars are very security and the special scale design for children are very helpful to avoid some problems.


Reading the case of Staiths, I think in a housing project, there are a lot of elements to consider and also we need to focus on residents’ need in design.