This is a great example of new suburban housing as it scores highly on many of the Building For life criteria that we have been using throughout the semester, particularly regarding the streets as public space. It occurs to me that many people are trying to reinvent UK suburban housing, which is a huge positive because so much of suburban housing looks the same wherever you go.

This design, on the other hand, is unique and looks to offer much to the residents who will live there. Thinking about the building for life criteria, it provides unique architectural character, defined streets and good corner houses. It also provides much in the way of light and the size of the homes are larger in comparison to many of the new homes being built in the UK. The streets are designed to encourage social interaction and the cars do not dominate the streetscape.

According to the architect “A space can make you suffer…If there is a lack of light, a lack of space, if it is poorly organised – then you’re miserable.” (BBC, 2013) Where there are examples of architects, designers and developers working together to create well designed and built housing developments we need to celebrate this as much as possible.


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