I agree with Laurence that the living style of cohousing is an economic and environment friendly way. The cohousing case in Leeds also give me inspiration of sharing spaces with neighbours, share facilities with others in order to get a low impact living life.


In my view, the cohousing design make a unique sense of community. If you live in this kind of community, you will not feel lonely because people know each other very well, and they share their spaces and facilities even food. So this also means that cohousing community need to keep in a suitable size which people can know each other and make an efficient way to communicate.


On the other hand, nowadays, people would rather communicate to each other use online social media. They think it is more convenient and more attractive. But in cohousing, this kind of community unlike traditional neighbourhood, it provide an opportunity for residents to communicate in real scenes. I think it is worth to promote cohousing idea that bring people back to life.