I could get a basic understanding of cohousing development from Wang’s post which is helpful for my study of cohousing. This year, we have a housing module including cohousing which is a new concept for me before. This concept is very popular in fifty years in European and American area in these developed countries. It is a housing type to encourage people living close to each other and sharing living facilities.


During the process of studying cohousing, we also visited a cohousing scheme at Lancaster which give us a real feeling of that. People there share almost all functions as possible as they could, including office space, work shop, kitchen and dining space, tool room, play room and guest room. People living there really enjoy their life, they are familiar with their neighbours and talk a lot when they meet. The cohousing scheme runs like a big family by people living there.


The cohousing concept is really helpful for the modern city that people living their house alone and are lack of communication with each other. It is a good way to enhance neighbourhood cohesion, harmony and safety. Also it helps people to get rid of pressure of working when they communicate more, overlook their children easily and reduce crime in neighbourhood.