On the February of this year, our urban design students went to a beautiful France city, Nantes. It won the title of European Green Capital in 2013.We have walked the site and urban area during the week which gave me the chance to enjoy the green city.

The green line in Nantes is much helpful than a map, which connect its tourist attractions together. The green line is ten miles long and along the ground. You do not have to look at the map, try to find where you are and afraid of if you are lost you from the right way. Just walk along the green line the whole day, stop where you want and get the line again, you could see famous attractions as well as get a good feeling of Nantes.

green line, https://smarsly.de/news-media/gallery/nantes-france-2014/

In the worldwide, there are many cities have metro or tram. But the tram in Nantes looks greener and friendlier. It is separated from the motor roads but combined with pedestrian ways and trees. It has a lower speed in city center which is safe for pedestrians. Compared with metro, the tram is more environment friendly. Though it is on the ground, it does not destroy the pedestrian area and provides a convenient transportation for a modern city.

Nantes tram, http://pocketcultures.com/2010/10/23/nantes-tramway/

Most of green cities encourage people go out by bicycle including Nantes. People who ride bikes could easily find cycling routes there. Cycling routes are not only on main roads of city center but also in narrow lanes. They do not look like accessories of the main roads, but a very important part of residence daily transportation. Because some are located in the middle of roads and cover the whole city.

cycling in Nantes, http://www.velo-city2015.com/en/

Except these green line, cycling route and green tram, the island also make a contribution for a green lively city. It was renovated from industry remains to leisure play space. All in all, Nantes was made to green from different aspects. Everyone there really enjoy the city.