public bicycle system

The sustainable movement and everyday life post introduces a very famous example, Copenhagen, which has taken lots of action for a sustainable life including not only movement for commuting but also for other aspects of friendly city like reuse and recycle waste. Her post here focuses on movement of people’s everyday life. Her introduces actions that the government try to enhance Copenhagen sustainability. Her conclusion is “When we promote to reduce cars, changing the commuting way to cycling or public transport system to green city, the public need their space to organize their activities. On the other hand, the planning of sustainable movement need good user experience, to cater for most of people’s everyday life. It is an interaction.”

I totally agree with her point that city should improve its sustainability. Actually, it is very popular recently in the world-wide. After the increasing boom of modern buildings and urban expansion, sustainable movement is like a supplementary for the large modern city.(Forno, 2014) City development is not just about building much but also getting somewhere more convenient. A sustainable city should contain enough transportation ways and could be used by all people in this area. It is a very good trend of  transportation in the city.

Then I would like to introduce some examples of sustainable transportation in china. The high-speed rail develops very quickly in china in recent decade. The speed is over 250 kilometer per hour, which is over three times of general railway. The high-speed rail has a dense net in the east of china and connect most of cities, which provides people more convenience to go out and save much time. Another example is that more and more cities use public bicycle system, which encourage people go out by bicycle. It would reduce car number and exhaust gas emission which is beneficial for air quality. This system has lots of stops where people could return or get a bicycle. You could use your city transportation card, it is very cheap and convenient. Moreover, recent years more and more overpass were built over wide roads, which make people cross wide safely. (Chen, 2014)

Chinese high-speed rail

In conclusion, movement is very important in people’s everyday life. As more and more people live in urban area, the sustainable movement could make people’s life more comfortable and enjoy city life. And the government should try to lead city movement to a more sustainable way and care more about residents’ sense of it.


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