Urban agriculture as a concept in urban design which have a lot of value to our city life. I agree that sometimes urban agriculture can provide food for citizen and get rid of the dependence on rural food production especially rely on food import. However, it would take a long time to achieve the goal that provide self-sufficient food pattern, and it may not be true in future.


Urban agriculture is very different from rural agriculture as well as the production and marketing. Also in the context of globe economy, the consumers more and more consider the food production. An important modes of selling product in developing countries is self-consumption, which have lower demand of volume of the agriculture. On the other hand, this may happen in small business, family farm even co-operative farm. It produces food in local area and sell it on local. (The RUAF Foundation, 2014)


Therefore, urban agriculture may have impact on economic, social even though contributions to urban food security, nutrition and ecology.


In view of the urban agriculture has so many benefits, so what we concern most is the delivery, especially in different places, different conditions. And it also a big issue that how to adjust measures to local conditions to implement urban agriculture. In general, while the increase demand of green space, leisure space and the tension of land use, such dead space and empty space can be changed into urban farm. It can dealing the food demand at the same time, although it may be small scale and only for landscape.


About the delivery, the most important are policy and national strategy. Now more and more authorities and government understand the contribution of urban agriculture, so they seek to solve the problem of food in the cities at the same time to achieve the ecological balance. (The RUAF Foundation, 2013)


However, without proper education on the risks of urban farming and safe practices, urban consumers of urban agricultural produce may face additional health related issues. (McClintock,2008)




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